Air Con Repairmen make Doctor Money with Tangkasnet

Mao Hunan is a lawyer practicing in Indonesia. Mao was born in the Semarang City of Indonesia and lived their whole his life. Mao wanted to be a judge since he was little and he studied LLB at University of Indonesia in the hope of becoming a judge one day.

It had been 3 years since he became a lawyer and he hasn’t had a single case to fight since then. Mao Hunan had no rent to pay for the office now, for the last 3 years, he had been using his parents money to pay as the rent.

Now, he was using a room in his parents’ house as his office. The room was a guest room and it was there untouched for over a decade. There was an AC in the room that was over 15 years old which needed immediate aircon servicing badly. Mao asked his parents whom to call for getting the AC repaired as he feared that the AC is so old that it won’t work even after any sort of repair or servicing. His parents told him that Chan Brothers are the best when it comes to any sort of AC servicing or repair, Mao complied and called on Chan Brothers. Chan Brothers repaired his AC and even told Mao to get a website to get more exposure and start betting on tangkasnet for easy money as well. Mao listened to their advice, got himself a website and also started betting on tangkasnet and he never made as much money in his entire law career as he does in a day with tangkasnet.

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