East Kalimantan Author Believes Volunteering For Honest Betting Websites Can Reduce Human Trafficking Globally

Hantu Laut from East Kalimantan, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Caribbean Archipelago nation called ‘The Bahamas’.

In her book, Hantu writes it is a pity that both the Bahamian and the US governments have been largely unable to stop the human trafficking that goes from the Bahamas to the USA. She applauds the work done by the government of different European countries, especially the governments of the Scandinavian countries in stopping this illegal human trafficking. She wonders if all these humans knew about agile ball aka bola tangkas betting, they could easily become millionaires within the boundaries of their own nations and wouldn’t have to travel illegally to other nations to make a living.

Hantu fears that The Bahamas’s disagreement with the US establishment on various issues might lead the Bahamas to become the next Panama.

Hantu is as straight as they come, but she wonders why the LGBTQ Activists around the world don’t do much about the discrimination, harassment against the LGBT people in Bahamas as there are not any laws in their favor and moreover, they rarely even point out how can Bahamas call itself a parliamentary democracy when it doesn’t recognise the same-sex marriages or partnerships.

Hantu believes there should be no doubt among the ones who studied this stunning piece of land called The Bahamas, that the origin for the nation’s name lies in the indigenous word ‘Guanahani’.

Hantu writes that just like with most other countries, the data tables, figures, analyses and technical notes regarding Bahamas cannot be relied upon.

Hantu writes in her book that gone are the days when The Bahamas mostly used to have a low-stress lifestyle and gone are the days when the people of The Bahamas were exceptionally friendly to the visitors.

Hantu believes that The Bahamas would have been like the Malta and Gozo of the Caribbean if it had a Catholic majority instead of a Protestant majority.

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