Full-Time Bologna Improver Bets Online While Feeling His Chi Through His Lower Abdomen

Marco Stella from Bologna, Italy, is a full-time improver and part-time gambler, who has been practising celibacy for the past 5 years to get closer to Jesus Christ and the God. He has been trying to figure out a way to get rid of the wet dreams forever. He says that the longest that he ever went without having a wet dream was like 5 months, although he is not sure about whether he will be able to make it for a lifetime without it, he is certain that he can surpass his previous record.

Marco believes that fantasizing about ladies attracts succubus and they are the ones responsible for giving you wet dreams in the night thereafter. He believes that a female in a dream is always a succubus.

Marco meditates everyday. He uses a trick to snap into the present of the moment. He has also been doing some visualisation techniques to improve visuals and imagination. He claims that he has been analyzing and filtering each thought that comes to his mind for months now.

Marco writes that before he started practicing meditation, he used to have issues dealing with the stress levels. He used to be sort of misanthropic and wanted to move to an isolated island forever and do nothing but bet on migliori carino online italiani.

Marco once dated a 23 year old, Hispanic-Japanese Mix All-American girl who was a senior year, industrial engineering student. Her hobbies included working out, playing tennis, foreign exchange trading and reading.

Marco says that sometimes during breathwork sessions, he feels his chi. He writes it is just like feeling the sea of energy that Taoists talk about as it sometimes makes him feel a type of “watery” sensation in his lower abdomen.

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