Football and Motorcycle Enthusiast makes Enough Money to Impress his Girlfriend with Expensive things he hate

Eric Pinheiro is a motorcycle enthusiast who personally hates the way the Abra motorcycles look. You perhaps would be surprised to learn that he had to buy one for himself because his girlfriend, whom he claims to love a lot, insisted him to buy one. He has got plenty of that ผลบอลพรีเมียร์ลีก to burn it on things that he even hate.

Eric claims on his blog that he knows an Indian milkman who is the fifth generation of his family who has been using the same Abra motorcycle that his great-great-great-grandfather used.

Eric loves dirt bikes and he has participated in several dirt bike competitions till date.

Eric claims to know several motorcycle enthusiasts who inherited great wealth from their ancestors. He writes on his blog that the motorcycle enthusiasts who belong to the royal families are far more intelligent than the ones who don’t. He adds that many of the self-proclaimed motorcycle enthusiasts that buy bikes with their daddy’s or granddaddy’s money, don’t even know what horsepower is.

One of Eric’s neighbors is a retired boxer, who sold engine fitted on a bicycle disguised as a vintage motorcycle.

It is Eric’s greatest dream to have his own motorcycle manufacturing company one day, he says that he is going to name it ‘Honeybee’, because his girlfriend loves eating honey.

Eric believes that the humans will be able to reach out to sun by the year 2100, he also believes that the concept of nations will also disappear by that year.

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