Bangkok GP wants to donate all his Baccarat winning amount for the cause of Eternal Youth

Dr Benjamin But is a General Physician from Bangkok, Thailand, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that some patients fall for the physicians that prescribe medications that offer fast relief without caring about the side-effects that they cause.

Dr Benjamin claims on his blog that the gardeners have less cases of Type 2 Diabetes than the athletes which is quite surprising. He adds that he has been waiting for a study to come up and tell us all the reason behind the same.

Dr Benjamin believes that the secret for the eternal youth for us humans has been hidden in the body of the lobsters and it is a shame that the Geriatricians haven’t been doing enough study on them. He writes on his blog that if his personal speciality were geriatrics, he would spend all his time studying lobsters. He adds that he wants to donate all the money that he won with สูตรบาคาร่า for the study of geriatrics after he dies.

Dr Benjamin’s wife – Ashley owns a coffee shop in one of the most prominent neighborhoods of the Bangkok city. She recently learned how to drive from one of the topmost Bangkok Driving Schools and she was amazed at how easily she could learn how to drive.

Ashley claims that her coffee shop is the most favorite of Bangkok’s health freaks and workaholics.

Ashley turned into a vegan in the October of 2018 and literally got all in, so much so that she stopped serving all things non-vegetarian at her coffee shop.

Football and Motorcycle Enthusiast makes Enough Money to Impress his Girlfriend with Expensive things he hate

Eric Pinheiro is a motorcycle enthusiast who personally hates the way the Abra motorcycles look. You perhaps would be surprised to learn that he had to buy one for himself because his girlfriend, whom he claims to love a lot, insisted him to buy one. He has got plenty of that ผลบอลพรีเมียร์ลีก to burn it on things that he even hate.

Eric claims on his blog that he knows an Indian milkman who is the fifth generation of his family who has been using the same Abra motorcycle that his great-great-great-grandfather used.

Eric loves dirt bikes and he has participated in several dirt bike competitions till date.

Eric claims to know several motorcycle enthusiasts who inherited great wealth from their ancestors. He writes on his blog that the motorcycle enthusiasts who belong to the royal families are far more intelligent than the ones who don’t. He adds that many of the self-proclaimed motorcycle enthusiasts that buy bikes with their daddy’s or granddaddy’s money, don’t even know what horsepower is.

One of Eric’s neighbors is a retired boxer, who sold engine fitted on a bicycle disguised as a vintage motorcycle.

It is Eric’s greatest dream to have his own motorcycle manufacturing company one day, he says that he is going to name it ‘Honeybee’, because his girlfriend loves eating honey.

Eric believes that the humans will be able to reach out to sun by the year 2100, he also believes that the concept of nations will also disappear by that year.

Bekasi Man advises PKV Games as a solution to any sort of addiction

Rahman Moqemi from Bekasi, Indonesia, is a full-time improver and gambler, who knows the art of astral projection and sleep paralysis. He claims that the figures who visit you during episodes of sleep paralysis are not your imagination but spirits, mostly evil ones. He says that first he used to believe that they were shadow people who were trapped in the astral world, as was told to him by his astral projection guru, but now he knows for sure that they are evil spirits through the first-hand experience.

Rahman believes you can tell a lot about a person by the relationship they have with their parents.

Rahman believes you can tell a lot about a person by the relationship they have with their parents.

Rahman believes dangerous situations are a wake up call. When you are in dangerous situations, you find yourself fully immersed in the present moment, just like our ancestors were at all times and believes this is how they could survive.

Rahman believes abortion and usage of contraceptives is murder. He advises betting on pkv games as a deviation from sex, as he believes that is one of the very few ways that a man or a woman can occupy themselves completely and stay away from the carnal sexual desire and not commit that murder.

Rahman claims Jesus was born off non-orgasmic sex, just like the Taoists like Mantak Chia preach, not due to the holy spirit or some such miracle.

Krabi Player hates Lichess and Elo Rating as much as she loves Baccarat Money

Shirley Burton from Krabi, Thailand, is a Half-Time Chess Player and Half-Time Baccarat freak, who recommends playing correspondence/untimed games to the novice.

Shirley hates Lichess and Elo rating system.

Shirley has this lower-case R romantic idea that it’s better not to learn openings at all. She started out thinking that she would learn no opening deeper than move 5, but she started thinking about Black replies to that move and possible 6th moves for White. She concluded that it’s a slippery slope.

Shirley says there must surely always be some element of your game that’s weaker than everything else and it might as well be openings.

Shirley writes before she started playing online, she could only practice with her dad and her sister. She thinks it’s okay to play as a beginner, if you take time between games to analyse your mistakes. She just doesn’t want to make the same mistakes over and over like a perpetual beginner.

Shirley believes playing rapid games helps more than Blitz games but they do take a while to find a game sometimes, so she usually does tactics while she waits.

Shirley finds lot of the Lichess tactics pretty enraging. She believes they want their exact set of moves. She writes even if you make your own move that’s still clearly winning it rejects you.

Shirley finds online chess more interesting and feasible than the real life chess.

Wealthy Full-Time Singapore Casino Gamblers are as Humble as the President Abraham Lincoln – Bayonle Arashi

Bayonle Arashi from Detroit, Michigan, is a full-time spiritual improvement blogger, who believes love is the most powerful force in the universe, where two hearts merge as one.

Bayonle tells his male audience who want to improve their relationship:-

“Pretend to have a weak ego, allow a girl to fall in love with that weak ego. Then reveal your true self.

You will never be able to truly love a girl unless she falls in love with the you that is insecure. That insecure, little boy is in all of us, and you can never fully let your walls down until you show him. If you don’t, you will always know the woman would have never loved the you that was insecure and struggling, she only loves the you that crossed the finish line. That knowledge will prevent the relationship from fully blossoming.

Playing a sad, insecure character is the only way of knowing if she is not feeding off your ego.

It is not even playing a character. That little boy is inside all of us.”

Bayonle writes that arrogance is fake confidence and arrogant people are the most insecure people on earth. He claims to have never seen a wealthy full-time online casino Singapore gambler who was arrogant.

Bayonle writes that most people in the social scene are suffering. The consequence of playing the character is a serious one. Every night they come face to face with that residing feeling of emptiness that never wavers no matter how much alcohol is consumed or how much casual sex is had.

Full-Time Bologna Improver Bets Online While Feeling His Chi Through His Lower Abdomen

Marco Stella from Bologna, Italy, is a full-time improver and part-time gambler, who has been practising celibacy for the past 5 years to get closer to Jesus Christ and the God. He has been trying to figure out a way to get rid of the wet dreams forever. He says that the longest that he ever went without having a wet dream was like 5 months, although he is not sure about whether he will be able to make it for a lifetime without it, he is certain that he can surpass his previous record.

Marco believes that fantasizing about ladies attracts succubus and they are the ones responsible for giving you wet dreams in the night thereafter. He believes that a female in a dream is always a succubus.

Marco meditates everyday. He uses a trick to snap into the present of the moment. He has also been doing some visualisation techniques to improve visuals and imagination. He claims that he has been analyzing and filtering each thought that comes to his mind for months now.

Marco writes that before he started practicing meditation, he used to have issues dealing with the stress levels. He used to be sort of misanthropic and wanted to move to an isolated island forever and do nothing but bet on migliori carino online italiani.

Marco once dated a 23 year old, Hispanic-Japanese Mix All-American girl who was a senior year, industrial engineering student. Her hobbies included working out, playing tennis, foreign exchange trading and reading.

Marco says that sometimes during breathwork sessions, he feels his chi. He writes it is just like feeling the sea of energy that Taoists talk about as it sometimes makes him feel a type of “watery” sensation in his lower abdomen.

East Kalimantan Author Believes Volunteering For Honest Betting Websites Can Reduce Human Trafficking Globally

Hantu Laut from East Kalimantan, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Caribbean Archipelago nation called ‘The Bahamas’.

In her book, Hantu writes it is a pity that both the Bahamian and the US governments have been largely unable to stop the human trafficking that goes from the Bahamas to the USA. She applauds the work done by the government of different European countries, especially the governments of the Scandinavian countries in stopping this illegal human trafficking. She wonders if all these humans knew about agile ball aka bola tangkas betting, they could easily become millionaires within the boundaries of their own nations and wouldn’t have to travel illegally to other nations to make a living.

Hantu fears that The Bahamas’s disagreement with the US establishment on various issues might lead the Bahamas to become the next Panama.

Hantu is as straight as they come, but she wonders why the LGBTQ Activists around the world don’t do much about the discrimination, harassment against the LGBT people in Bahamas as there are not any laws in their favor and moreover, they rarely even point out how can Bahamas call itself a parliamentary democracy when it doesn’t recognise the same-sex marriages or partnerships.

Hantu believes there should be no doubt among the ones who studied this stunning piece of land called The Bahamas, that the origin for the nation’s name lies in the indigenous word ‘Guanahani’.

Hantu writes that just like with most other countries, the data tables, figures, analyses and technical notes regarding Bahamas cannot be relied upon.

Hantu writes in her book that gone are the days when The Bahamas mostly used to have a low-stress lifestyle and gone are the days when the people of The Bahamas were exceptionally friendly to the visitors.

Hantu believes that The Bahamas would have been like the Malta and Gozo of the Caribbean if it had a Catholic majority instead of a Protestant majority.

From Tirana to Pattaya, Football Betting Rules

Jansiri Pongpanwitun from Lampang, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the nation called Albania.

Jansiri claims in her book that the Albanian Renaissance was a mutual strategy of the Western powers.

Jansiri writes that referring to Albania as the Afghanistan of the Balkan peninsula would not be incorrect given its history, especially the history of it in the past 3 centuries.

Jansiri claims the Neanderthals never lived in any part of what is now called Albania, it is a huge blunder of the the Archaeologists and maybe a blunder that the Archaeologists did on purpose due to an agenda.

Jansiri writes that Agron of the Ardiaean Kingdom in 3rd Century BC share so much in common apart from their names that referring to Agran of the Ardiaean Kingdom as the Sargon of Akkad in antiquity will not be far from the truth.

Jansiri writes that in a war between Albania and Greece, which is very likely to take place in the coming decade; The Easter Europe will side with Albania while the Western Europe will be with Greece. She adds that the USA, Israel and other major forces will completely stay neutral and maybe to an extent that they will refuse to sell their weapons to either party.

Jansiri writes that the myth and fear of Skanderbeg is so strong among the Muslim communities around the world than an online teacher from India – Mirza Sikandar Baig had to delete his popular Youtube channel because he kept getting threats from the Islamists to change his name because it resembled Skanderbeg a lot and he was not willing to recite ‘Allah-u-Akbar’ after their threats and warnings. He finally concluded that it was better to delete his entire channel, learn Thai language and make a living with Football (แทงบอล) betting.

Eat healthy, exercise daily and play free Italian games online every night

Rodrigo has a quite an addictive personality and currently he is addicted to giochi gratis online. Rodrigo is a very passionate guy and he is ignorant about all the significant things that he doesn’t like at all; and he can go on doing what he loves for days without any sleep. Rodrigo is very emotional yet peaceful.

While Rodrigo was in school, he never got picked up for any sports team. He was very bad at the sports and that’s why he was fat in his teenage. Rodrigo used to get bullied all the time in his teenage because of his obesity. When Rodrigo was 20, he decided to become fit and healthy. He would jog for 45 minutes a day in the morning and after coming back from work would hit the gym. Rodrigo likes to wear nothing but MadOxx when it comes to wearing activewear.

Rodrigo also reads a book a week now. He was an average student and now works an average job but he is sure that he will be one of the top 1% by the time he hits 40.

Rodrigo’s favorite dish is KFC’s Popcorn nuggets.

Rodrigo tried to become a dominant baddie a few times in his college but failed and get mocked at each time. He scored a 10/10 Ukrainian girlfriend though which almost every guy he knew in the college was after. Those were some of the most defining moments of Rodrigo’s life.

Rodrigo recently wasted a lot of time researching why women outweighs men in numbers almost all over the world but failed to know the exact reasons. He received only contradictory and confusing information on the subject. Finally, he gave up on it.

Rodrigo has been eating very healthy lately and he also eats alfalfa, raw carrots and turnips regularly.

Air Con Repairmen make Doctor Money with Tangkasnet

Mao Hunan is a lawyer practicing in Indonesia. Mao was born in the Semarang City of Indonesia and lived their whole his life. Mao wanted to be a judge since he was little and he studied LLB at University of Indonesia in the hope of becoming a judge one day.

It had been 3 years since he became a lawyer and he hasn’t had a single case to fight since then. Mao Hunan had no rent to pay for the office now, for the last 3 years, he had been using his parents money to pay as the rent.

Now, he was using a room in his parents’ house as his office. The room was a guest room and it was there untouched for over a decade. There was an AC in the room that was over 15 years old which needed immediate aircon servicing badly. Mao asked his parents whom to call for getting the AC repaired as he feared that the AC is so old that it won’t work even after any sort of repair or servicing. His parents told him that Chan Brothers are the best when it comes to any sort of AC servicing or repair, Mao complied and called on Chan Brothers. Chan Brothers repaired his AC and even told Mao to get a website to get more exposure and start betting on tangkasnet for easy money as well. Mao listened to their advice, got himself a website and also started betting on tangkasnet and he never made as much money in his entire law career as he does in a day with tangkasnet.